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Image analytical photography embodies the art of description.It is a kind of explanatory photography.


There is a history of exhibitions, but there is no history of exhibitions. I have been researching this special topic for 20 years in 1999.  

Curating is a form of art and means conceptualizing, seeing from the outside, looking at things in the present and making decisions based on the situation. The curator's searching gaze has an effect on the creative process and does not leave this decision to the artist alone. The amount of pictures, contemporary taste and demand already have such a strong impact on art production that the point of being touched is more about formal criteria than about content.  

People who would like to work with me should provide me with their photographic material for an outside view, for a strong interpretation and selection. I offer the definition of my own work and combine it into a complete work in the exhibition space or in the book. 


The human brain is able to regenerate nerve cells. This is best promoted through cognitive exercises with photographic images. Cognitive losses can be stopped in this way.


I research and teach on the formation of new nerve cells in the brain, supported by photographic images.


I am currently working on an exhibition with 40 living American artists of my generation.

My question is whether current American photography still has such a strong influence on European visual culture as it did in the 1970s.

It's a free project and I'd like to start it in America first. I am in the process of making contacts in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.